WTS 6.85m SP Exhumer/Mining Pilot. 4.75b *SALE!*

6.8m SP Exhumer Pilot, ready to go!

Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
Positively Positive
No Kill Rights
Character in High Sec
No Jump Clones

4.5b buy out. Today only. If you’re looking for a cheap mining alt, this is it.


im bidding 4,3 billion isk

Accepted, send isk and account name. - Buyer has went MIA. Not sold.

4.5 b/0

4.75 b/o currently at work if accepted will send isk and info as soon as I get home

5 bil

I’m currently at work for another 4 hours. 2pm central time. Ill be back at that time ty.

5.5bill b/o

gratz :slight_smile:

Accepted please send ask and account name in game. Will start transfer when I get home in 50 minutes. Or you may wait. Which ever you choose.

Eve mail sent, ready to transfer once isk and account name received, thank you.

isk and name sent thanks

Transfer insisted.


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