WTA 17.2M SP Exhumer Pilot

WTS 17.2M SP Exhumer Pilot

PW 1234

  • Positive Sec Status
  • No Kill rights
  • Full set of +4 Implants
  • Mining Barge V
  • Exhumers IV
  • Reprocessing V
  • Reprocessing Efficiency V
  • Ice harvesting V
  • Jump Drive Operation V
  • Spaceship Command V
  • Gallente Frig V
  • Gunnery V
  • Small Hybrid Turret V

3 Bonus remaps available!

11B or BO



8bil buyout offer

Going to let this go another 24 hours or 10B and its yours.

8bil is max i’ll do… it’s good price

10 B
Convo ingame if you are interested

In conversation with Mrs Jaz now. 10B isk

Isk and accoutn info sent.

Character transfer initiated.

Character recieved, thanks.