WTS 11m SP Hulk/Exhumer Pilot

(Dense Veldspar) #1

I am a hulk pilot and am for sale

Located in Jita
No kill rights, positive security status
Mem/Int mapped, 3 remaps (timed + 2 bonus)
+5 Mem/Int, +4 Per/Wil, 4% Repro (RX-804), 5% Mining (MX-1005)
Positive wallet
NPC corporation

Exhumers V
Mining Frigate V
Cybernetics V

Good support skills, reprocessing skills

Awesome name

eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Dense_Veldspar

Asking: 10b

(Spacedust) #2

Will buy for 9bil. Let me know if interested.

(Dense Veldspar) #3

Meet in the middle at 9.5?

(Spacedust) #4

done and done

(Spacedust) #5

Sorry for the delay. Will be on by tomorrow evening.

(Dense Veldspar) #6

You still interested man?

(Dense Veldspar) #7

Haven’t heard from the buyer, back on the market.

(Jax Kinrashi) #8

If you’ll do 9bil, I’m online and will buy it right now.

(Dense Veldspar) #9

I think i missed you, I can transfer as soon as isk is sent

(Jax Kinrashi) #10

ISK and account name sent.

(Dense Veldspar) #11

Transfer started. Thanks!