WTS 11m SP Hulk/Exhumer Pilot

I am a hulk pilot and am for sale

Located in Jita
No kill rights, positive security status
Mem/Int mapped, 3 remaps (timed + 2 bonus)
+5 Mem/Int, +4 Per/Wil, 4% Repro (RX-804), 5% Mining (MX-1005)
Positive wallet
NPC corporation

Exhumers V
Mining Frigate V
Cybernetics V

Good support skills, reprocessing skills

Awesome name

eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Dense_Veldspar

Asking: 10b

Will buy for 9bil. Let me know if interested.

Meet in the middle at 9.5?

done and done

Sorry for the delay. Will be on by tomorrow evening.

You still interested man?

Haven’t heard from the buyer, back on the market.

If you’ll do 9bil, I’m online and will buy it right now.

I think i missed you, I can transfer as soon as isk is sent

ISK and account name sent.

Transfer started. Thanks!