WTS 8.9M SP Hulk Pilot

(Kalisandra Sklor) #1

I am a hulk pilot and am for sale

Located in Jita
No kill rights, positive security status
Int/Mem mapped, timed remap available +1 bonus remap
+4 Implant set (no social implant), 5% mining implant
Positive wallet
NPC corporation

Exhumers V
Mining Upgrades V

Decent support skills

eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Kalisandra_Sklor

Asking 5.5b

(Inevitability) #2

A few out of place skills in regards to what I was looking for. Would you take 4.75bil?

(Kalisandra Sklor) #3

Sorry, price is pretty firm. The skills are solid for a tanked hulk.

(Inevitability) #4

Understood, thanks anyway. Good character name, but character sold in 2015 for 3b with 7.7mil sp. I understood pricing to be 500mil ISK/1 million sp. If you decide to come down, let me know. I’ve got the ISK waiting.


(Kalisandra Sklor) #5

Yes, that is when I bought it. Prices have changed and are not 500m/1m. Transfer price in PLEX costs 3b+, It would be more more cost effective for me to extract at your price.

(Red Lola) #6

5.5 BO here

(Moakia Ohaya) #7

5.6 here

(Kalisandra Sklor) #8

I will honor Red Lola’s buyout for the next 24 hours. Awaiting isk.

If the time has lapsed or the sale cannot complete, Moakia Ohaya has first dibs for the character also @ 5.5b.

(Red Lola) #9

isk and acc info sent

thank you for honoring a deal

(Kalisandra Sklor) #10

Transfer in progress