22mSP Hulk Pilot

Hulk pilot for sale.


  • No Kill rights
  • Located in HighSec
  • Positve isk wallet
  • Unallocated SP 750,000

o7. how much for it? :slight_smile:

Post price please, I am interested

Bidding will start at 14b

daily bump

daily bump

daily bump

Would you let it go for 14 bil ?

@Astrid_Malukker Would you consider 15?

Thank you.


bump. i’ll take 14, screw it. hit me up folks

15b ?

@ir0cKz Yes, I accept your offer of 15b.

Please send isk and account name, I will initiate character transfer.

Done, ISK and account name sent.

ISK and account name confirmed received.

Character transfer initiated.

Thank you!

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