Dedicated Hulk pilot for sale

One of three dedicated Hulk pilots I have up for sale. All pilots are listed in separate threads. Just over 10m skillpoints. Exhumers V.

Character in NPC corp
Character has positive wallet
Character has no kill rights
Character in high security space
Character has +3 intelligence and +3 memory implants
Character has 28 ship SKINs

6b starting bid
9b buyout

4 bil if interested

6b start bid

9.0 bil buyout

Buyout accepted. Let me know once ISK and account info are sent and I’ll start transfer.

I will update the threads for my other 2 hulk pilots for you, since you’re interested in multiple.

I’ll have all 3 if exhumer 5

Here’s a link to Kinnika, and yes, exhumers is V

isk and account details sent for this one

ISK and account info received. Character transfer initiated with CCP.

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