WTS Hulk Pilot(s)

Considering selling my mining crew. This pilot is one of 3 that are all about the same. If I get an offer I like, I will list the others separately. All have similar names as well.

Character is in HS
Character has no kill rights
Character has positive wallet
Character has positive wallet

Character will not come with any assets.
Character has +3 implants for Int and Mem
Character has 2 bonus remaps available.
Character has 19 ship SKINs


ill offer 5.3bil for one hulk toon

I offer 12bil for two toons

They are all getting close to exhumers V, so I will wait until they hit it as I still have Omega left on all of them.

16.5 for all 3

Exhumers V, Mining V, Mining Upgrades V now completed. Other pilots are 2d and 7d from Exhumers V.

Please keep in mind, this thread is only for the sale of this character. As per CCP forum rules, each character sold needs to be on its own thread, or needs to post on the sale thread. I will post the other 2 pilots on separate threads once they reach Exhumers V.

Bumpity bump.

I can offer you 3 bil

5 b offer for one

6 bil for one

6,5b for one

Any toons left?