WTS Hulk Pilot(s)

7.7B for one

The Skillboard link is not working anymore.

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A character that has not confirmed here that it is for sale may not be sold.

Understood. I will be posting them in separate threads. Makes things less confusing anyway.

How long will you be waiting?

9B, plz show me a link to the skills plz.

There is a skill link in the post, at the top. But in case you need another one, here you go:

9.5b buyout +

My apologies, I posted a link to the wrong pilot, though they are almost identical. I’ll repost them. Roid Ranger Sparkles is also available on another thread.

Link in original post to Roid Ranger Callista’s skills has been updated.

No worries is Roid Ranger Callista for sale? I will buy both

Buyout accepted. Let me know once ISK and account info has been sent and I’ll initiate transfer.

Isk and account details sent

ISK and account info received. Transfer initiated with CCP.

Do you have another character?