Hulk Pilot For Sale 10.3Mil sp (SOLD)

(Stephanie Lazorie) #1

Great Hulk Pilot

Plus loads of other skills to decent levels.

No JC’s and located in HI Jita

No kill rights, 0.0

In NPC Corp clean history

Positive Isk Balance.

2 remap available

Make me an offer

Other Hulk Pilots for Sale here -

(ludikonj Dallocort) #2

4b b/o

(Thor Aumer) #3

7 b/o

(Oscar PNL) #4

8B b/o

(Thor Aumer) #5

8.5 bb

(Oscar PNL) #6

sry to cancle this offer, i more interested in your other pilots CutyPye now,thank you!

(Stephanie Lazorie) #7

Good Somew realistic bids - I will be online at 18:00 Eve time get your final bids in and BUMP

(Stephanie Lazorie) #8

Bump still for sale will accept 8.5Bid from Thor at 22:00 eve time unless there a 9bil b/o before then

(Stephanie Lazorie) #9

No contact from Thor Still for sale :slight_smile:

(Zonyas) #10

7 bil bid

(Haukz) #11

8.5 B b/o

Will be online after 16:00 gametime tomorrov

(No 1379) #12

9B B/O

(Stephanie Lazorie) #13

9b b/o accepted send isk and account ingame and i will strart the transfer

(No 1379) #14

isk and account are sent in game

(Stephanie Lazorie) #15

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Stephanie Lazorie

Will be completed after: 3/8/2018 7:27:45 PM

(system) #16

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