Near Perfect Hulk Pilot 15.4M SP (sold)

(CutyPye) #1

Near Perfect Hulk Pilot

Plus loads of other skills to decent levels.

No JC’s and located in HI Jita

No kill rights, 5.0

In NPC Corp

Positive Isk Balance.

2 remap available

Make me offer

Perfect Hulk Pilot 18.5Mil SP (sold)
Hulk Pilot For Sale 10.3Mil sp (SOLD)
(ludikonj Dallocort) #2

8b b/o

(Perpetualed) #3

9 billion

(Maizie Fields) #4

10 billion

(Perpetualed) #5

10.5 billion

(Beekillrz) #6

11 bil

(CutyPye) #7

I will be online at 18:00 Eve time get your final bids in an BUMP

(Oscar PNL) #8

12b b/o

(CutyPye) #9

offer accepted :slight_smile:

(Oscar PNL) #10

Money & account sent.

(CutyPye) #11

Transfer started nice doing business bro :wink:

(Oscar PNL) #12

Transfer has been confrmed by CCP. and completed. Thanks!

(system) #13

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