WTS 11.6m SP Hulk and Ceptor/Frig/Dessie pilot


  • Exhumers V

  • Mining Barge V

  • Interceptors V

  • Minmatar Destroyer V

  • Minmatar Frigate V

  • Spaceship Command V

  • Drone V

  • Light Drone V

  • Mining Drone V

  • Mining V

  • Astrology V

  • Evasive Maneuvering V

  • Industry V

  • CPU Management V

  • Excellent Engineering skills

  • No kill rights, positive security status

  • Several good processing skills plugged in

  • Set of +3 implants

  • Second HS jump clone

  • Remap available

  • NPC corporation

Will be located in Amarr at time of sale with a positive wallet and no kill rights.

I will pay transfer

Asking 9b BO

ill start you off with 6B offer

Thanks for the starting offer…

Price lowered to sell


Thanks for the offer, would need closer to 9b, which I think is a fair price for 11.6m sp


Getting closer, I’ll take 8.75b tonight for a quick sale.

8.5 bill

i got u 5.3bil for ur other toon lets close both.

Ok, 8.5b buyout offer accepted :+1:

Please transfer isk to this character and I will initiate transfer

isk sent

eve mail sent with account info for character transfer

character transferred

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