WTS 5.9m SP Hulk pilot


  • Exhumers V
  • Mining Barge V
  • Drone V
  • Light Drone V
  • Mining Drone V
  • Mining V
  • Astrology V
  • No kill rights, positive security status
  • Several good procesing skills plugged in
  • Set of +3 implants
  • Second jump clone in Perimiter HS
  • Remap available
  • NPC corporation

Will be located in Jita at time of sale with a positive wallet and no kill rights.

I will receive isk and pay transfer

Asking 6b BO

if you have a jump clone, you need to disclose its location.

Ok thanks for the tip. :facepunch:

Still for sale, and price lowered

4bil, or a free bump :wink:

Thanks for the offer, could you go to 5b or very close?

4.5bil, let’s wrap this up ?

4.7b if you can do today

4.7b OK. please post that Orti is to receive the isk in the ad. I will send isk and acct info after

Lol im buying also)


@Betty_Swallowes are you still interested and bidding? Current bid is 5b

5.2b? Wont go higher

5.3 bil

5.3b buyout offer accepted. Please transfer isk to this character and I will begin transfer.

isk transferred

eve mailed with account information for transfer

Character transferred

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