PC plz 10.3 mp sp exhumer 5 pilot

just need a price check thanks

AstroBoy Yotosalas Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

no kill rights
positive secruity
clean 2012 employment
exhumer 5
PI alt
Ice miner
some shield skills
positive wallet
2 Bonus remaps avaliable

6 b offer

Thx for offer ill think on that abit

isk on hand looking for buy your char:)

Thx for the offer but ill wait see if alittle better is offered

7 Bill ready now

accepted send isk + a mail with the account name you want it to be sent to thx

ok no reply so still for sale

sorry i just got home i still want it

yes sure

plz send isk and the account name so i can start transfer

isk and in game mail sent

ok thx it is sent check your mail

Thank you

roger checked email

character transfer started

That price check escalated quickly :flushed:

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