WTB Focused Cyno Alt (CLOSE PLEASE)

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How much are you offering?

Depends on the pilot. Can you link it?

Still looking


Hi this female Pilot is for sale. have not full trained Cyno5 but have 2.1m SP you can use in that and other things related to cyno. probably is enough to train to rapier (cyno) and five in cyno skill

is strng with missiles, iwas using her as abyssal. Can Use a loki too. If interested answer here, i am in work now.

How much do you want for it?

offer, i readdlly dont ahve much use for her now.

I can offer 5b/0

i need implants to my other chra 5.2

can transfer in less than 10 minutes if deal.

still in sale?
I can cover that offer.

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