COMPLETED WTB Low Loki Pilot or cyno

Hi, I want use the isk i have and the better use i see now, is purchase a character loki or stong missiles, desirable cyno and some unused skill points.

I am biomassing now a character, then the transfer must be done in 10 hours.

I am not seeking any fancy. Paying aprox 0.7 - 1b per million skill points.

Please answer the thread

I am not in a coproration, non history. Positive wallet. 8.5b

Deal. Please answer accepting the offer and i sent the isk and the account

I accept to sale myself per 8.5b as stated in the thread. I accept i need send myself in 8 hours approx because the OP is biomassing a character.

Send the isk and account name please.

Isk and acount sent, please answer the thread when you begin the transfer.


Transfer done.

Thanks forthe business.

Character received