48,8m pvp pilot


sat in Jita 4/4
positve wallet balance
positive sec status
in an npc corp

solid pilot can fly
assault frigs
Minmitar, Amarr and Gallente battleships
Amarr t2 industrials
command ships
covert ops and stealth bombers
force recons
light interdictors
All logistics cruisers
Loki and Legion t3


bump 11/11


Done, send the isk and I will start the transfer process as soon as I get home from work around 19:00 east coast USA time


I have accepted an offer from Blessed cross, if that falls through I will offer the character to you for what I agreed to with Blesssed Cross.

how long would wait time be? i am in search for character and cant promise offer if i find one

if the other two don´t react, i would also be interested for that price

I have heard nothing from him, so if your ok waiting till 7:15 EST For me to transfer him I will except your offer and mark as sold when I receive the isk.

I will wait till then

I’ll send you a little wait

Willing to pay 37B for character

Sounds good to me

is that a response to me or him

Isk and account name send

character has been sold to blessed cross for 35B, I would of liked to of gotten the 37 but I did accept his offer first and my word is my bond.
I will post again when I get home and have started the transfer process

Thank you Awating transfer

“This character is being transferred to another account and cannot be logged in”

transfer started, 10hrs till complete, I was surprised to find out I had to pay $20.00, I thought we just had to pay 2bill isk

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