I’m a utility alt that carries a bag of nasty things to the bad guys.

Naglfar: JDC5, T2 guns, T1 siege, Capital shield skills
Bomber bombs, dps and camping: cyno 5, bombs 5, racial bomber 5, torps 5
Sabres, interceptors

330k unallocated SP, character in NPC corp in Jita.


This is a pvp utility alt, but if you want to use it only as a dread alt, you get most relevant skills to 5 by just extracting + injecting from the skills it has.

Asking for 30b b/o, I’ll pay the transfer fee.

22b offered

Too little, but I can do 26b if you pay the transfer fee

Seller must pay transfer fee per CCP rules. I can go up to 23b if we can do this today.

Nah, I can make 20b just by extracting all the skills and selling them, and that doesn’t even get close to the price of skill books etc.

You can only extract down to 5m SP. So you would have 22m extractable SP on this character. Thats worth around 17.5-18.5b at current prices. The char also doesnt have T2 siege which means I would need to pull SP and reinject at a loss. Your call.

Sure; I’m not in a hurry. Thanks for the bids though.

Hello, I’m for sale.

Character for sail

24 for bo

26 and you got a deal

25 cash in hand and i need to biomass a cyno char


convo me ingame

26 bil

Isk sent
will post here when bio is complete to transfer

ISK received

Slot is open and ready

Character transfer requested from CCP.


…and transfer initiated by CCP. Closing thread.