Very nice Alt for Sale,

All CCP Rules Apply.
[Larni Sweet Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)](Character Sheet)

47.6M sp
448,000 unallocated

Some notable things
Sec Status +1.8
Positive Wallet
SOE Level 4 Puller
Flies Rapier and Huginn With Cyno 5 and Covert Cyno
Flies perfect boost Orca
Flies Perfect Boost Claymore with Shield and Info Links
Jump op 5
Jump Cal 5
Ready for Dreads just needs skillbook.
T2 Large Cannons
Perfect Scimitar
Perfect Noctis Pilot with T2 Salvagers and Tractors
Nice reprocessing Skills
Perfect Trade Skills
Flies Providence Freighter
11 Days off Gallente HAC (Currently Training)

Nergal All-Star Casino Clash
Angel Hex Machariel
+119 Others

Positive Wallet, No Kill Rights, In Noob Corp
Ready to go I’ll pay transfer.
Open for decent offers.

Looking for 40b for it :slight_smile:

Selling 24 hours after reserve is met.

34 bil

ty but looking for a bit more than that, i can get more isk stripping it for injectors.

36 bil?

res added

can you do 40?

up still for sale

up, still for sale

up? anyone want this nice toon for 40?

ill do 40b, let me know if still available, will be keeping tabs on this

great sounds good, send isk and account info will accept 40b and ill transfer soon as im home from woke (roughly 7 hours from now)

40bil sent to Larni Sweet as well as a message to which account the character should be transferred to

character transferred. ty.

Ty, ill confirm received either when confirmation email of transfer is received or character arrives, whichever comes first (email should arrive first as its supposed to be sent when transfer is initiated)


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