Looking to part ways with this Gallente Specialist.

Click here for Skillboard Link

Click here for Killboard Link

All Gallente Skills, no wasted SP’s training for anything else. Perfect Catalyst Pilot and has scope to fly other Gallente ships.

✮ NPC Corp
✮ Isk Positive killboard
✮ No Active Killrights
✮ Positive Wallet
✮ Gallente PVP Specialist
✮ -1.9 Sec Status and no limitations to enter 1.0 High Sec Systems
✮ 5,076,080 Skill Points under Gunnery
✮ Based in HS upon transfer

7.0 Bil B/O

12 billion ISK offer.

Thank you for the offer Lana but I’ll decline at this time o/

How much do you want fir this char?

Hi Lana, if you’re a skill extractor, there’s probably not much (if anything) to be made from this character due to my asking price.

Preferably this is bought by someone who’s in the market for a niche character. I’m not in a rush and quite happy for the account to go dormant as I don’t intend to re-subscribe.

Today’s bump - after today will be free of any active kill rights :blush:

All killrights have expired

Oh, don’t worry, dear, I wasn’t interested in your character for the skill points…

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Good to note Lana, I’ve unwittingly sold a character to a skill extractor before and it’s sad to see one of my alts being stripped down and disposed.

Niche alts are hard to come by but hopefully will serve someone else as well as well as this alt served me o/

Forgot to mention that there are 2 Bonus Remaps Available.

The nightly bump o/

Online now should anyone want to drop me an evemail o/

If sale is active 11 bil

Sale closed,

Sale re-opened o/

Bump o/

Bump o7

Bump o/

Tonight’s bump