WTS 22mil Point Gallente pilot - SOLD


Selling my Alt character. http://eveboard.com/pilot/Asken_Drayt

Located in Amarr.

Jump Clone in Dodixie

I focused most of the skills into flying Gallente Cruisers and using Drones.

No Kill rights.

In NPC corp

Minimal Employment History, for a 4 year old character.

5 Mid- Grade Slave Implants in slots 1-5

A Zainou in Slot 8

A noble in Slot 10

Remaps are up.

any other questions, feel free to ask.


10 bil buyout offer


I am looking for 14-15. If you could go any higher that would be awesome. I will wait for more offers and then sell

14 bil, my final offer



I’ll take it. Let me know when you can be online to finish this up.

i’m sending you isk and account info

Received isk and info, transfer started

got the mail, thank you

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