Galante Pilot with Gallente and Caldari HAC skills as well. Cyno capable too! ( see API )

No lowball offers will be considered.

Character is in a high sec system and docked in a station
Character has no kill rights on them or issued to them
Character Wallet is positive, but almost empty as it should be when selling one.
Character has no significant hard assets
Character has no jump clones

I can offer 27B

make it 30 bill and you’ll have a deal.

B/0 29B

sorry, 30 bill is the lowest I am willing to go. I’ll wait for it. thanks.

30B B/0

Deal. send the character the isk, and an evemail with the details I need to transfer the character. Once I have received all the appropriate stuff, I will begin the transfer.

confirmation mail pls

confirmation has been sent.

ISK has been sent pls transfer the character asap :wink:

Character Transfer has been Initiated. Enjoy!

Tks guys good luck !

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