Sold delete

Gallente carrier pilot for sale, can sit in a Nyx!
pass: forsale

  • Date of Birth: 2011-04-08
  • Skill Points: 33,277,143
  • Location: Jita
  • Comes with 2 extra jump clones and implants
  • Wallet > 0
  • no killrights
  • Jump Drive Calibration lvl5
  • Jump Drive Operation lvl5
  • Jump Fuel Conservation lvl5

Make offers, I am in no rush to sell.


I’ll give you 29b for him


30b from Sherley, if no higher offers in the next few days it’s yours.

Last bump before goes to Sherley!

Sherley cancelled, still for sale.


Thank you Emilio Javier, looking to get at least 30b.

Then 30Bil

Again from the correct character…
Please send isk and account info where to transfer character.


ISK and account info sent.

ty, character transfer initiated!
Please reply here if done and everything ok.

All done, sold.

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