**SOLD **

Selling myself

Notable skills include Gallente and Minmatar carrier 5 and capital ships 5
Nyx Headhunter skin and Hel Bloody Hands skin
T2 Triage
Heavy fighters 5
Fighters 5
Gallente Titan is injected as well!
Current clone is a High Grade Ascendancy pod located in Jita
Positive sec/wallet


how much ?b/o?

how about 40b ?

How about 45B or can you tell me the price you want

Hi, I’m open to offers for the price but 45b is way too low, thanks for your interest though

I offer 50 bil

55B offer

56 bil

Thank you for your offer, swap those numbers around and you’ve got my attention

57B …

58 bil


60 bil



well that is too high for me

Will let this run till the end of the weekend

63 bil

Confirmed current highest bid

Listing will end at 00:00 07/10/19

Will you pay transfer?