Character Sold

Hi all, I am for sale.

I am located in Jita with a Positive wallet and security standings.

Some Highlights:

Full High-grade Amulet Clone
2 bonus remaps
Lots of Skins, Including The Eros Blossom Skin.

Titan Skins

Here is my Eve Skillboard

I guess Ill start this at 50 bil

Have funk and thank you all for coming to my TED talk.

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owned by a career awoxer. shot my first naglfar I ever bought.

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50 bil offer


can offer 51b

offer 55b



You also got a Buy out price btw?

Honestly id Like 60 for Buy out.

Oki i can offer 60 bill as buy out

Deal, Please mail me the account info and send the ISK and Ill start the Transfer!

Isk and accoutn information send

Confirmed Receipt of ISK and Account Info, Transfer has been begun, Please Enjoy me ^^

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