Character Sold

(Suou Pavlichenko) #1

Hello, I am For sale.

I am located in Jita so you can get me with ease to wheresoever you would like me.

I have:

Two Bonus and 1 normal remap available,
A positive Wallet balance,
High Grade Slave implants
Amarr Titan 5
Amar Dreadnaught 5
Monmatar Titan 4
Doomsday Op 5
Doomsday Rapid Firing 5
Jump Portal gen 5

oh, and a negative security Status but I have no kill rights on me. Just lived in lowsec for a long time.

Plus relevant Armor and Engineering skills, you can find all my skills and everything else in detail here!

Now to the best part, You can all bid for me!

Bids start at 50 Billion ISK and you may increase them by however much you like!

Buyout is hidden.

Transfer and such will all be done as per CCP’s rules.

Thanks For coming and having a look!

xoxox Suou

(KuangKinGK) #2


(KuangKinGK) #3

Are you in?

(Suou Pavlichenko) #4

Yes, Hello! Sorry about that different time zones and all, I hope its ok with you but I would like to keep this open for at least another 24 hours unless someone accepts the buyout price. However if after another 24 hours no one else posts or contacts me you will be my proud new owner! is that ok?

(KuangKinGK) #6

Can you email me the buyout price:heartpulse:
Let me know if someone outbid me or B/O

(KuangKinGK) #7


(Suou Pavlichenko) #8

Character is Sold, awaiting ISK and account info

(KuangKinGK) #9

ISK and account sent

(Suou Pavlichenko) #10

Transfer Paid and sent through. Enjoy.

(KuangKinGK) #11

Wait for confirmation of role arrival

(KuangKinGK) #12

confirm role arrival