WTS - 37.7mill SP + 4.3millSP Unallocated Pilot

Looking to sell myself - reactivated old account - not needed anymore.

Check out https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/zedrooo for information on all aspects of skills etc

1 Remap + 3 Bonus Remaps available (excellent for skillplans)
Great Engineering Skills
Some good Level 5 skills (Amarr BS / Transport Ships / Amarr Cruiser etc)
Great Shield Skills
Mining skills are good

Character is slightly lopsided in what she can do (right now not very much) but with a little care and attention she can go in any direction needed, especially taking the 4 remaps available.

Wallet is ISK positive (about 6million ISK)
No Kill Rights (Character not involved in ANY combat)
No Jump Clones installed and no implants
Character is in Amarr right now and will be on transferring
Also in an NPC corporation as per rules
I will pay transfer fee as per fules

Starting Bid - 25 Billion
Buyout - 31 Billion

Anything in between will be considered. I retain the right to end this auction at any time I see fit

22.5 billion

25.5 billion


27 bil

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I have updated Buyout - had a look and seen true value. I could (if using own cash to buy skill extractors) make much more but i think 31bill buyout is fair enough. I will close the sale down from tomorrows DT - winner will be highest bidder then if no one has activated 31B buyout.


Only a few hours to go!



31 bil. decided i want this :slight_smile:

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All you need to do is send me the |SK, and an evemail with the account name and ill get it sent to you now. Thanks for taking buyout!

Account info sent and isk

Received, and started transfer process of zedrooo

mail recived. thx !

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