WTS 6.5M SP + 963K Unallocated SP [SOLD]


No wallet balance

No kill rights

No jump clones

Located in Jita 4-4

2 remap bonus

It specializes in the Amarr Battleship.

Bidding starts at 4 Bil

4.5 Bil buyout

i would like to offer 3.8b, thanks

I want to sell for at least 4.0b bro

the way of skill training is a bit off to my expectation, I prefer Missile more than Gunnery,
I would try with 4B then :slight_smile: you can also email me ingame if accept, thanks

Isk sent
account name: gemaccno2

ISK Sent Confirmed and The character transfer process has been completed
thx bro

Thank you, will confirm again when character received

Char received,


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