Focused on Minmatar Battleship skills
Positive wallet
currently in jita
No killrights
Sec status 0
Total Skillpoints: 8,332,850
Unallocated Skillpoints: 1,833,158
2 remaps available
All CCP rules apply


starting bid: 5b


5b offer

Sorry meant 5.5

want more

6b offer

6.5 b b/o…

7b b/o


ISK and ACC Name sent plz

Mail sent in game

Isk Sent
Account details sent

As discussed in game waiting for slot deletion on account prior to transfer being placed.

I checked isk and account. As announced, the character transfer will be carried out in about 10 hours.


Character cannot be transferred. No extra slots yet?

There’s a free slot - try again please? Messaged you the account name in game

Wouldnt go putting your account name on forums –

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thank you :slight_smile:


Character transfer complete


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