Pretty much stripped toon I used for pulling Gal Lvl 5s also being using him as SP farmer.

Minmatar Republic 7.94
Gallente Federation 7.88
Fed Navy 9.63
Vherokior Tribe 9.35

PW = 1234

He is optimised for P/W for sp farming

All CCP Rules apply, please post offers here.
No killrights, positive sec status, positive wallet, and will be located in high sec.

Thanks for looking

The link appears to be password restricted.

Password is in the text!

I’ll start you off at 3bn

3.5b isk ready

4bn isk ready

Yes, it is now…

Sorry about that, have added it now

4.5b isk ready

5bn final offer

5.1b isk ready

5.5b and you have a deal

i’ll offer 5.5bn if we can sort this now :smiley:

Send me an in-game mail if you accept, and I will send isk and details

offer accepted, in-game mail sent

logging in now

isk and account info sent, thanks

ISK and account name received, thanks

transfer started


I have just received the transfer notification. Will post here when it arrives and looks good.


Character received, all looks good.

Thank you.