40M SP misssion runner. Gallente and Minmatar standing

Has 7 standing with gallente and almost 5.9 with minmatar. 9.99 with federation navy.
No kill rights and postive wallet.
is in lowsec currently but will move to whatever hisec station you prefer.
Looking for offers.

28b rdy

I’ll think about it. I want to give it a day and see if any other offers come in.

Just saw your in game mail. I will accept 30b. Reply on here when your on I don’t check this account often.

30b confirmed I’ll contact you after I get back from work then we can do isk trans etc

Let me know where you want him in hisec and I will move him there. jump clone in dodixie already I think.

prefer hisec best jitaIV thanks. I’ll get back asap should be within 4hrs and which character you will be accepting ISK?

isk goes to character being sold.

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oh I see, first time treading

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you’ll also want to send him an evemail with the account name that the character will be transferring to. As long as you have a character slot open on that account.

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got it thanks

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got him in jita just toss me a reply on here after you send evemail

are you still wanting to do the transfer today? I’ll only be on for a few more hours.

yea I can do it today thanks for the waiting I’ll send u the evemail+isk together should be done within 2hrs. I will tell u when its done

ISK+mail with account name sent

Sold to SnowRage. Character sent.

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character received and confirmed thank you

Thank you for the smooth transaction sir.

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