Character SOLD

Had originally intended for it to be a Legion pilot, never got around to finishing it. Looking to sell.

Asking Price: 10 bil

1 Yearly and 2 Bonus Remaps Available
250k Unallocated SP
Jump Clone in Perimeter TTT with +4s (minus Charisma)
“Magic 14” (minus Long Range Targeting, which is at IV)

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
No Kill Mails
NPC Corp
Clean Corp History
Currently located in High Sec NPC Station

I can offer 9b

9.5b offer valid till i find an alt. :slight_smile:

Sorry looking for 10b buyout thanks <3

Daily Booping


Up ya go! 10bil peoples and I can be yours! <3

I’ll do buyout for 10bil :slight_smile:

Righteous! Let’s do it

If you wanna mail me in game we can start the whole process :smiley:

Received ISK, initiated character transfer to provided username.

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