Looking to sell another alt

5 mill SP in scanning

  • ARF 5
  • APP 5
  • AA 5

Covert ops (all 4 races)
Interceptors (all 4 races)
5 mill SP in navigation including cyno 5
Cyber 5
Amarr and Minmitar cruiser 5

Neutral standing
Positive wallet
No kill rights

BO 20b

15B ready for transfer now

16 bil

17 Bil


18.5 bil

Lowest id go is 19 folks…so if one of you can offer that, shes yours

19B offer

Hi Claire

I will accept your offer.

I await your confirmation, transfer of ISK and receipt of account name to transfer the character to.


Isk and account info sent.

Give me a few moments to get the kids brekky, and i will get it sorted for you mate, should be 10-15 mins tops

I’ll reply here and you get a confirmation from CCP once i get it sent

Confirmed ISK received, account transferred to name provided in eve mail, you should get notification of pending transfer from CCP to the accounts registered email address.


Email received. Thanks for the smooth transaction.

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