I am for sale, in a npc corp, in HS, pos wallet, no kill rights, Pos security status
over 20mil sp, not focused, but can do numerous things well

Highlights:can pull lvl 5 caldari navy missions
Fly a tengu well, with good missle skills (HS clone with +3s and Missle implants)
Good Mining skills and and implants for mining and refining ore (Michis implant, 4% refin, and 5% mining yield, with +5s in all slots but social)

Dont insult me with low offers, i know exactly what i can drain this toon for and turn her into an SP farm

15bil offer

15.25b offer

16B isk ready

16b, noted, headed to work, should be back on in 8-9 hours from this posting,

16.5bn isk ready, will be online for a few hours

i need a couple more hours to go to the store, then transfer assests from this toon to another, but if you are ok with waiting for that i will accept 16.5b. send isk and account info and i will start transfer in a couple more hours.

Hi please send me an in-game mail and I will transfer isk and account info once received.

Omw home from the store and then I’ll send in game mail

in-game mail sent

Account info and isk transferred. Thank you for your swift response.

isk and account info recieved, will initiate transfer in a few minuets, will post here again when i get the emial the transfer is being initiated…transfer initiated

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes

Many thanks.

Fly safe

Character received, trade complete.

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