Character SOLD

thank you for your time.
Lots of core skills lv5
Can fly T3
No killrights
8,000 Unallocated SP
Positive Sec status
Positive Wallet
1 Remap
+3 Implants
I Jump Clone (no implants)

Buyout 18bil
Possibly willing to negotiate - Legit offers only.

offer 15b

Daily Bump. Grey sorry looking for more than 15bil, you come up to 18bil we can talk.

Wish I had that much. 15b is already pushing my wallet. It’s a nice toon. If you don’t reach 18 I will be here :slightly_smiling_face:

offer 7b

hmm to bad the strategic skills are only lvl 4… and no cyber 5 gonna need a while to put this to good use… i’ll go as high as 15.5 but that would be it

Do 16? online and ready to transfer.

cool give me 30 mins and i’ll transfer the funds

buyout of 16b accepted awaiting accnt info and isk.

isk sent toon can be transfered to this account

Isk recieved toon xfered awaiting email.

toon recieved

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