JDC 5 -> PC/For Sale

I’m not being used much anymore, so I might as well see what kind of price I’d fetch.

Intended to be a JF pilot, but you could steer me in to any capital you want.

14+mil SP

in HS, Wallet in the positive, all remaps available, 125k skills unallocated

you can check out the rest here — https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Anice_Otsito



I’m sure I’ll make someone very happy :slight_smile:


I’ll close the sale on Saturday with highest bid or a buyout of 18bil. I’m out of town for work, but as soon as I get in front of a computer, I can start the transfer.


if u can accept 17bil,plz let me know

Meet me in the middle at 17.5 and I can transfer tonight

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PM’d you in game :smiley:

Im not in game, out of town for work, so just forums - whats up?

Easy, got a toon moving around atm won’t be able to buy for another day or so but can do 18b :slight_smile:

Thats fine - I want to close it up tomorrow. First one with ISK ready, will get me

last bump - closing today

ISK and pm is sent to you ,plz start transfer

I’ll start the transfer as soon as I get back to the hotel.

ISK received, transfer started


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