WTS Trader, Hauler 1 skill away JF pilot

(Vapulate) #1

Want to sell myself : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Vapulate

  • 2014 Char with no corp history

  • Positive Wallet, No kill rights

  • Located in HS

  • 0.00 Sec status

  • Decent trade skills

  • 50k allocated SP

  • 3 Remaps

  • Jump Drive Calibration skill book in inventory just needs plugin. Fly a JF straight away

I will pay the transfer fee

(Zoe Plz) #2

8bn offered

(Captainamazing) #3

9b bo online now

(Zoe Plz) #4

9.5b also online now

(Vapulate) #5

First to 10b takes it

(Analise McKeon) #6

I’ll offer 10b.

(Vapulate) #7

No Response from Analise McKeon.

Back to Accepting offers over 9bill +

(Analise McKeon) #8

I posted that in the morning before work, never said I was going to be online for the next few hours. My offer stands; just post that you accept it and I’ll send account name + isk.

(Vapulate) #9

Offer accepted, please send isk and account name

(legendotime) #10

10.5b , legendotime

(Vapulate) #11

online now if you want to proceed? first come first serve.

(legendotime) #12

ive mesged you

(Vapulate) #13

i dont see any mail, im online for the next 30minutes

(Vapulate) #14

Still available.
Daily Bump

(Analise McKeon) #15

Offer retracted since you clearly can’t decide whether you’ve accepted it or not.

(Vapulate) #16

I accepted offer however you tend to leave offers and be unavailable

(Analise McKeon) #17

There’s no requirement when character trading to be online simultaneously; this is a multi-timezone game, and people frequently post on the forums at times they’re unable to log in. Every other character I’ve bought has been send isk + evemail with account name, receive notification of character transfer. I’m not sure where you got the notion that synchronous availability is required, but if you look through other threads here you’ll not see other people demanding that as a condition for sale.

You’d of been in a rather awkward position if multiple people had sent isk & account names. In any case I’ve bought a different character, without any fuss from the seller about availability.

(Mr Slavey) #18

I’ll do 10b

(Vapulate) #19

offer accepted please send isk and account name

(Vapulate) #20

Indeed your correct, i just wanted to have a go because i’d saw you’d bought another character and i missed the opportunity.
Please accept my apologies.