[sold] please delete

I want to sell a very skilful JF pilot

Can fly already fly Anshar, and Ark is 1 day away.
Has Perfect Jump skills, and JFC 5 is 1 day away.
Has Cybernetics 5 & Currently Implanted with set of +5’s

Starting Bid is 10 bil.
Buyout is 15 bil


Password is :- qwerty

Located in Jita 4-4, Positive Wallet ,No Killrights , No Jump Clones and Have exoplanet Skin for Anshar

All CCP Rules apply.

I am in no rush to sell this char, so i will wait for a good price.


Confirming I am for sale

10b b/o offer


looking for little more bid noted thanks :slight_smile:

11.5 bil

thats a good pilot ill bid 12 bill

You are missing some information in your sale thread bud. Also the character that is being sold needs to make the sale thread.

Sorry this is my first time selling, what am i missing? and I confirmed from the char it self the first reply if u see i thought thats how it works.

Yeah no problem, just bringing it to your attention before ccp locks it.

Basicly the way you did it is normally reserved for sales regarding multiple characters.

All information can be found here:

You think its alright now? added jump clone, kill rights and skin

I think you will be allright :slight_smile:

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Current Bid is 12 bil, any bid above it will get the char :blush:

12.5 bil

@Taleron_Yasuhira Accepted , send isk and account name

Will do. On Phone atm, will have access to computer soon

np i have a practise session, so i will be online for sometime

12.5 Bil isk has been sent.

ISK and Account name received , awaiting ccp response .

Has something happened? Transfer should have been completed by now.