Selling my sabre pilot


In NPC corp, all CCP rules apply
Positive wallet
In jita
No jump clones
No kill rights

JJC V Pilot
Amarr and Gallente books injected
Positive wallet, In Perimeter, No jC, no kill rights
Some skins
Bonus Remap

Confirming for sale

Bump. Will entertain offers to sell this by Sunday

You are missing some information needed to sell your character.

What am I missing

Confirmed for sale

I’ll offer 5B for then JJCV pilot

If no one offers 6 by Sunday, you can have her at 5.


Will have to cancel the bid. Sorry for any inconvience.

2x apoligies. Ill go back in with 5B. Last change i promise!

10b for both?

11? Sound good?

5.6B for the Sabre pilot.

5.5 for the JJCV 5 character

seems you have other buyers :slight_smile: will wait for a new one

Roger. Since there is interest everyone, I’ll end this first thing Sunday evening 12/17 (7PM EST) for the highest bidder. I still stand on a 6b buyout for anyone who wants right away

I already send you the 6b for the sabre pilot with my banker , then acc and isk sent.

Setting up transfer now

Transfer ticket started. Will post a note when I get confirmation. Thanks again