(Mira Xadi) #1

Selling my sabre pilot


In NPC corp, all CCP rules apply
Positive wallet
In jita
No jump clones
No kill rights

JJC V Pilot
Amarr and Gallente books injected
Positive wallet, In Perimeter, No jC, no kill rights
Some skins
Bonus Remap

(itiniti) #2

Confirming for sale

(Mira Xadi) #3

Bump. Will entertain offers to sell this by Sunday

(Nerdz Rool) #4

You are missing some information needed to sell your character.

(Mira Xadi) #5

What am I missing

(Nerdz Rool) #6

(Paracidic Infection) #7

Confirmed for sale

(Josh Shihari) #8

I’ll offer 5B for then JJCV pilot

(Mira Xadi) #9

If no one offers 6 by Sunday, you can have her at 5.

(Josh Shihari) #10


(Josh Shihari) #11

Will have to cancel the bid. Sorry for any inconvience.

(Josh Shihari) #12

2x apoligies. Ill go back in with 5B. Last change i promise!

(Silesiuss) #13

10b for both?

(Mira Xadi) #14

11? Sound good?

(Maximus Ogrecuck) #15

5.6B for the Sabre pilot.

(Josh Shihari) #16

5.5 for the JJCV 5 character

(Silesiuss) #17

seems you have other buyers :slight_smile: will wait for a new one

(Mira Xadi) #18

Roger. Since there is interest everyone, I’ll end this first thing Sunday evening 12/17 (7PM EST) for the highest bidder. I still stand on a 6b buyout for anyone who wants right away

(Emsar Mannar) #19

I already send you the 6b for the sabre pilot with my banker , then acc and isk sent.

(Mira Xadi) #20

Setting up transfer now

Transfer ticket started. Will post a note when I get confirmation. Thanks again