As title says, I have a great character for sale here. He is located in Jita 4-4, has no killrights and a positive wallet. He is in an NPC corp even if the skillboard may not have updated yet.

I will not be accepting bids below extraction value

Pacify via Cyno, 130m SP
(950k unallocated)
Skillboard: Pacify via Cynos Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App
Auction starting at: 80b
Buy Out: 110b

Can fly most subcap ships, use most weapon systems, a great logi pilot, can also fly marauders, black ops, T3Cs.
This character also has JDC5 and can fly most carriers, dreads and faxes to a high level.

A great all rounder if you’re looking for a character to use as your main PVP pilot on deployments!

Confirming I am for sale.

80b offer

I have recieved an offer for 100b in game. If this offer isn’t beaten by tomorrow I will be accepting it.

still for sale?

S7ELLAR, you are still the top bid, the guy who offered me 100b in game has stopped responding. If you want to purchase the character for 80b still, I will accept your offer.

You can send the isk to the Pacify via Cyno character, as well as the name for the account to transfer the character to. I will initiate transfer within 24h after receiving the isk.

I accept will need about a hour and I will send isk and info!

Great. I’m just going to bed so I will initiate transfer tomorrow (sunday) if that is OK with you.

I can send it in about 10 mins if you can do it tonight, im going to bed aswell afterwards no worries either way.

yeah i can do 10 mins sure

Thanks! just a moment.

isk and account info sent! pleasure doing business.

Isk received, transfer initiated.

Thanks you for your business and enjoy the character!

Thanks will confirm when i receive the character in the morning! o7

Character recieved! thanks!

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