Character sold

Positive wallet balance
Positive security status
No kill rights
Currently located in HS ( Jita )
NPC Corp

Starting bid 12b
B/o 16b

P.S. I leave an option for myself not to sell if I won’t find a good option

might help to edit your thread title… you put WTB when it should be WTS or WTA

Dang man you are right, thanks!

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skillboard User Not Found

I checked link, it says it’s public Oo

now work

16B is pretty overpriced for this character, I’d be willing to do a 12B buyout.

thanks, but 12b is not what I am looking for.

Take a look at the other characters that have sold recently that are around your same SP level…nothing is going for 16B for 20mil SP.

I’d be willing to go to 13B if that would work for you.

well I know that 16b is high price, yep
14b and you have a deal

13B is my highest offer

Sorry then, I would try to get 14b

8.4Bil extraction value, 13B is a pretty good price if you ask me. My offer is good for 24 hours if no one else is interested.

Tbh don’t wait cause I am gonna be on work for the next 36 hours starting off 6 am eve time, so won’t response in that 24 hours window

Meet me in the middle at 13.5?

You have a deal

Sending isk and account info now

Isk received. Transfer initiated

Emailed received about the transfer, thank you.

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