Selling 48m SP Character


I’m selling this old character that I have had for years but no longer use:

Skillboard link

|Corporation| Deep Core Mining Inc.|
|Date of Birth |2005-04-30|
|Skill Points |47,794,377|
|Unallocated SP |950,978|
|Yearly Remap |1|
|Bonus Remaps |2|
|Security Status |0.76|

I’m not absolutely sure what she’s worth but I think it’s around 38Bn Isk for the skill extraction cost, so is a min of 30Bn fair?

Thanks all

I can offer you 30b now, isk ready.

Thank you, I’ll give it a little while to see if anyone can go higher.

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31.5b, can do transfer now.


33 Billion

As the price is still creeping up I’ll add a buy out at 35Bn if anyone is interested?


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Bump in the hope of squeezing a bit more out of all the generous people in Eve…

Almost at buy out

35 b/o valid 6 hours


Offer accepted, I’'m new to this so I’ll message you in game if that’s ok?

Ok. I’ll be on soon

Isk received and char transferred

ty. fly safe o7