WTV/S 25M SP Science/indi/PI/mining toon

o/ Ive just returned to eve after a break and i would like to valuate/sell my alt if the price is right as i no longer play it.

EveSB link

  • 24.9M Skillpoints with 100k Unallocated SP
  • Great Science, Production & PI skills.
  • Ok mining skills (can fly Exhumers) was working on this.
  • Decent Name
  • I have a net positive wallet
  • Yearly Remap 1
  • Bonus Remaps 3
  • I am in HighSec station
  • I have no KillRights
  • I am a member of an NPC Corporation right now
  • I will pay the transfer fee

Starting / BO : Open to offers.
Kind regards.

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12 bil.

You can expect at least the extraction value at a bare minimum.

12B is on the low side, but thanks for the offer.

That would be ((SP - 5m) / 500k) * (large injector price - skill extractor price)?
I guess its only worth selling if you get a better offer than extracting yourself.
Thankyou for your input!

Yes. And before skill extractors/injectors you could expect 1b per 1m sp. Now you’ll find people claiming characters aren’t worth more than extraction value (except for novelty and/or very specific cases). Which is silly, because if one was to inject a character from scratch, those first 10 injectors up to 5m sp aren’t free. lol

In any case, Mharien would be an awesome addition to my PI & Mining group and a big plus to Indy. If you are auctioning I’ll offer 17B to get this started… glws

Hi, ready to buy out for 14.5B isk

15.5b b/o

That’s a fair point actually, that’s 8bn~ of free SP before you start! Thank you also for your fair opening price of 17bn, ill certainly consider it!
Many thanks!

Thanks for the offer but it’s at 17B right now.

Again, thanks for the offer but it’s at 17B right now.

17.5b b/o today

17.5b b/o today

18 bil

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