WANT TO BUY Characters worth 15 m - 30 m SP. QUICK ISK

WTB Characters between 15 m - 50 m SP
Providing better than extraction value in order to spare you the time and effort necessary to turn your character’s brains into ISK
To see extraction value, use QSNA website, information tab (first icon). Of course the extraction value prices are botched at the moment due to someone or some group crashing the LSI market but I will provide a bit extra to compensate for it.
But feel free to consider other’s offers as there are people who want to play with your character than extract.
I can also purchase if the character’s sp is a bit higher than my needs. Now, post your offer below or post the link to your post and we’ll see what we can do.

selling me

Your character is barely worth 7 B according to extraction value.
You’re better off choosing the higher offers in your post.

50.6 mil SP

How much would you offer for this Eveguy?

@Wormskull 30 B offer

Your offer is a little disappointing so i’ll have to pass. Sorry friend :smiley:

No problem.

I offered a bit above extraction value but if it doesn’t suit your wants, always feel free to decline.

I also bought 15+ characters in the past few days, so I’m not in a hurry to give a higher price. Please make a standalone post. I hope you sell your character for a higher price.

Thanks for being polite in my post.

15+ characters bought in the last week.

Need 2 more.