WTS - 27.9m SP PvP Character


I am for sale

Current clone - Plus 4’s, Zor’s Custom Hyper-link and 1% CPU - Located in Caldari High Sec

Jump Clone - Empty - Located in Gallente High Sec

1 Remap & 2 Bonus remaps available

-0.5 sec status (No effects on where you can go)

2 Killrights against
1st ends 2d 20m
2nd ends 17d 5h

Positive wallet.

Price is 29b

I will pay the transfer fee, so no waiting around.

23bil offer

lol i can extract and sell myself, thanks.

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Looking for a new home!

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not common to ask for over sp amount in billions of isk … not a rule either but might wanna adjust if serious to sell as nobody will pay that

I think, what you mean is, the character skill traders won’t pay that. Well thanks for your advice! Although it is, not needed.

no i mean … nobody . not being mean but it clearly over priced to extractors AND pilots

Okay and how do you calculate that exactly, other than heresay and what you think the character is worth???

Let me break it down for you. Lets say i want to inject a character with 28m SP

First 5m sp gets 500k per injector = (10 x 800m) 8b

Second 23m sp gets 400k per injector = (57 x 800m) 45.6b

Total 53.6b (And i rounded this down)

So at what point am I clearly overpriced.

Tell you what, you stop telling me what price i should sell my things at and i will stop showing you up as a retard, deal?

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forget it man haha good luck let me know ehat u get pls

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