WTS 84.8 mil SP combat focused pilot - SOLD


Mikael Nolen 40B!

42b offer

Still need a bit more. I already know the extraction price and that number is the minimum I will accept. This will make an excellent main for someone that likes to do most fleet roles.

Looks like extractor price would be about 40b, right? So i’m offering a couple above it.

Edit: Large Skill Injectors are at 582m right now, I did math assuming 585m. Extractors are at 294m and I did math assuming 290m. You also have to factor in market fees, which a lot of people forget about. Thats a solid 7% taken off the top.

I’d have to see your math because the numbers I pulled from the market last night put me more like 46, minimum. That doesn’t take into account skins, implants, home station setting or remaps.

Ideally I’d prefer someone got this to use the character and not just extract, however I know ultimately that their choice. However if I don’t hit the number I’m looking for, I can easily handle the extraction myself.

I’m not aiming to extract, though I will need to tweak it by extracting and re injecting a bit.

But just do current price of skill injectors x 159, then subtract market fees (skill dependent, but likely around 7%. Remember, selling stuff isn’t free). Then do current price of skill extractors x 159. Subtract that number from the previous number and you have a good idea of what you’ll make for extracting.

A lot of people forget about market fees, but if you are planning on selling the extractors, you’re gonna pay taxes. That’s where most people get caught on the extractor value of their character.

When I get home tonight I’ll do that and show you what I’m coming up with. However if you’re not looking to extract for profit, then the sales tax should be a moot point.

I am curious why the discrepancy in what I’ve come up with and your math.

Yep, take a look and let me know. I only use extractor value when determining minimum bid. I mean, why sell for a lower price when you can just extract and sell for more?

No, I want to use the character, but I need to change a few things and that will require some extracting and injecting.

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Math looks good and if you have a skill set that allows for better market prices, you’ll obviously make more. Not everyone does.

Unfortunately i’m not inclined to spend more than my offer due to the reasons I stated earlier (I have to tweak the character skills to my taste).

But at least you now have shown everyone else the math and they shouldn’t bid lower than 46m.

Hey, no worries. I appreciate the consideration though. Best of luck on your hunt!

Still looking to sell, ba-du-bump!


I’ve done a bit of reading and learned a bit about the value of higher sp ‘main’ characters. If you’re still offering 42B, I would accept.

hey man, don’t stress and don’t rush. Someone will come around. i made an offer on a similar toon a few days ago. But the guy isn’t responding. if he doesn’t respond by within 48 hours ill take this toon @ 43b.

Hey, thanks for the words of encouragement. I mostly came down because I’ve seen a number of high-ish SP characters on here being told that the “generalist” character is dead and the logic is sound, I suppose.

Thank you for the offer and if @Girl_Talk hasnt responded in a similar timeframe I will take you up on your offer, assuming noone counters you.

To the moon!

@Enoch_Zamayid Hey man, are you still interested? Might have another buyer lined up, if youre no longer looking (saw you got a character recently). Just let me know and if you are, we can start the process.

Also bump!

@Mikael_Nolen im in. i didn’t hear back from my guy either. 43b?

Sounds good. I Accept. I won’t be able to start the transfer until 12ish hours from this post due to work however, if that’s ok.