Pricececk pls
Pls check it! I have no idea!

Thank u!

forgot the password

Oh i ask him. Sry not my acc. He is going to change it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit.: did it work now?!

yes it did. very nice character. wish i could afford him.

71 mil SP so
71 - 5 mil = 66 mil extractable SP
that means 66/0.5 = 132 Skill extractors /injectors will be required/created

to buy extractors = 132x356 = 46.992 mil
after selingl to sell orders @816 mil = 132x816 = 107,712 mil

107,712-46992 = that’s 60,702 mils returns after u sell every injector.

Now u are left with a 5 mil SP toon which u can invest a little and sell as skill farm alt, with cyber 5 and cyno 5 that should fetch u anywhere from 500 mils to 1.5 bil after transfer fees in plex.

So 62 bil should be based on your extractor value, and below that it’s not worth selling it. otherwise, its worth is how much a buyer wants to pay for it.

Hopefully, I was helpful

Wow thanks. That helped alot!!

That’s a pretty good calculation… Except, you forget market sales & broker fees. Also, if you want to sell injectors and buy extractors, you will have to baby sit your market orders for hours (I wish I was exaggerate, but skill injector/extractor market is one of the most active… you will fight the 0.01 ISK game with the best!).

yeah thats true and also not to mention that he will have to have 47 bil isk to extract all the SP to start with.

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