WTS Exhumer + Blockade Runner + Frighter Pilot

  • positive wallet
  • located Dodixie
  • no killrights
  • positive Sec.Status
  • Birthday 24.07.2012
  • no Clones
  • 1 remap
  • Implants 3x +3 and 2x +4 …plus a highwall mining +3 implant
  • 11.913.480 SP


Skillboard lpl




of course, sorry :slight_smile:

Mega Excavators Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

3.5b opening bid

to low,

if i would extract the SP i would get nearly 13 injectors … i have this toon a long time it would be a shame to rip him of ^^ … help me

Alright. 4b offer. Thats probably about extraction value… 13 x 310m = 4.030b

WTB characters offered you my same 3.5b, I see :stuck_out_tongue:

My bid still sits at 4b, though

an extractor costs 400m , filled with skills it costs 770m

i want to sell him to boost an other char with injectors…
…if i sell him i have no toon to extract 13 injections^^

… what about 6b and for the lacking 5,5 injectors i invest the rw money that was planed for the extractors^^

What kind of market are you in that you got those numbers? 322m each (not figuring for tax) * 13 = 4.186b, I figure the taxes on this could give me the 186m difference for 4b? \o/

WTB Characters buys low and sells high …i suppose he is here to make buisness… i would prefer to sell to someone who wants to use the char

Char is an excellent miner with decent drone skills + super hauler + PI + Trading :slight_smile: and in 23 days orca ready

Extractor price : 441,000,000.00
Injector price : 763,300,000.00

For 4b i would get 5,24 Skillinjectors ( 2.096.000 SP) and i would loose a 11.913.480 SP char and would have costs of 20 € for the transfer …doesnt sound like a good buisness for me :slight_smile:

Yeah but tbh there will always be a loss. I see what you are saying in that you are getting only 5,24 injectors for 4b, but that is also what you would get if you just ripped it out of the current character.

Do you have any number for a buyout or anything? Or do I just gotta keep guessing?

I do want this character though, so I will likely have to sell some stuff if the number keeps going up. Let me know what kind of buyout you are thinking.

If you are planning to use the char 5,5b buyout …if you want rip him off then 7b :slight_smile:

How does this sound, 5.25b for a buyout, and we can both feel like we won?

My mining fleet is dead anyway… its impossible plexing 4 of 5 chars … so be it.


Waiting for isk

Thank you, logging in, will send isk and email containing account name.