WTS main character 73 million SP - Want Quick Sale

Please look below for a link to Pilot https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Tubby-Vermin

Password is 321

Please make me a decent offer

Buyout is Hidden at the moment

Will sell ASAP as long as offer is acceptable

Online 24/7

Have Fun, Take Care

128 Billion? So what, you spawn skill injectors out of thin air? The value of this character is roughly 74 Billion at extraction price with perfect trade skills. Fix your math before coming up with obsene numbers.

Not even gonna bother bidding.

EDIT: Literally no one buys/sells injectors at JITA

A bit of a salty reply, I’m glad your not bothering.

Please move on

Still open for sensible offers

you have to buy the skill extractors, so you only get5 about 400mil per extractor.
177 x 400mil = 70.8bil

Fair enough, thanks for explaining.

Character still for sale, serious offers only thanks

character now sold, please remove

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