Open to offers in this Character

Hi all
I am considering selling this character.
I am a returning player to eve I just cant sustain all of my characters. I would like to see if there is any interest.

Good PvP all rounder sub cap
4 races up to Black Ops
Minmitar T3
Has not done any of the new content so plenty of free sp to be earned.
In highsec, -1.4 standing

62B b/o

Edit: You need to be in NPC Corp.

You could get about 70b extracting it yourself. Take that information as you will.

lmao, really? show us the math, i dare you. be sure to include market fees.

63 bil



Extractable SP is 82m so I need 164 extractors. Buy them at buy order price, currently 463 mil, (1% brokers fee if you do it in TTT) but I’ll even include 3% on base skills alone in a station, so that will be 477m each, coming to a total of 78.3B.

Sell price is currently steady at around 950m, with good skills and again the TTT, you will lose 4.6% per transaction, yielding 906.3m per injector.

(906.3 * 164) - 78.3 = ~70b.

■■■■ it, I’m going to add the lazy persons way. Buy extractors for like 485m each on Abyssal trading discord. Sell injectors on there for like 920m each, 435m per injector, also know as 71b profit.

I dont buy to extract.

& that’s fine, I wouldn’t normally have posted the extraction cost on a thread but I got the impression that the seller doesn’t know the value of the character & it bugs me when people pay real life money to get less isk than they could have gotten for free.


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