Located in Highsec
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec
No kill rights
1 Remap Available
512000 unallocated SP

***** Highlights *******
7.7M SP Gunnery
T2 Small Hybrid/Energy/Projectile Turrets
T2 Medium Hybrid/Energy Turrets
T2 Large Hybrid Turrets
Capital Hybrid Turrets
Cyno 5
Good Support Skills (4.9M SP in Engineering)

****** Moros ******
Gallente Dreadnought 3
Capital Hybrid Turret 3
Jump Drive Operation 5
Jump Drive Calibration 4

****** T2/T3 Amarr/Gallente Cruisers ******
Heavy Assault Cruisers 4
T2 Medium Hybrid/Laser
T2 Light/Medium Drones
Heavy Interdiction Cruisers 4
Recon Ships 4
Gallente Strategic Cruiser 3
All Gallente Subsystems to 4

****** Amarr/Minmatar/Gallente Destroyers ********
Interdictors 3
Amarr Tactical Destroyer 4
Minmatar Tactical Destroyer 4

****** Amarr Frigates *******
Covert Ops 4
Good Bomber Pilot
Interceptors 3

…and more, see eveboard

38b starting bid
50b b/o

daily bump

maybe not your starting bid but I offer 29 to start

ty for offer, but in injectors it costs 35b FrostyJack

show us the math that you can get 35bil… i’m looking at it right now and there’s absolutely no way you can get 35bil by extracting all SP.

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if that’s what you can get I suggest extracting as no one will pay that




LMAO!!! so you think injector is selling for 800mil each now? dude, get your facts straight. right now in jita, if ou sell it to buy order it’s 764mil each. if you sell it as sell order, it’s 780mil each. not anywhere near 800mil a piece as you assumed.

ALSO, you forgot to take into account sale tax and broker fee. go recalculate…

ok, lets do this
all price as sell orders in jita (2.09.17)
brokers fee - 0.2%
42.7 - 5 = 37.7x2 = 75.4 it’s fine
75.4 x 0.346 = 26.0884 + 0.2% = 26.1406 (extractor)
75.4 x 0.796 = 60.0184 + 0.2% = 60,1384 (injector)

60.1384 - 26.1406 = 33.9978

if i use buy order it cost ~ 32b (u can calculate himself)

(34+32) / 2 = 33b - average
add to this transfer pay 20$ and time, which i spend to learn skill

much better, but still a bit wrong… you can only extract an incremental of 500k SP. therefore, you can only extract 75 times and not 75.4. you also didn’t take into account how long it’ll take you to extract piece by piece then slow sell them using sell order instead of selling to buy orders. if that’s waht you really wanted, just do it yourself… otherwise you will most likely get offers that are lower than the extraction price… good luck

I can spend a little time and pump another 300k SP, that would be exactly 76 extractors. Also, $ 20 is either 2 omega status (1000 PLEX) or 500 PLEX in the store. Take the average - 750 plex. 750 х 3кк = 2,25б. Plus 3b (or more) I want for a time, spent on learning skills.

Yes, you are right, that would be profitable use buy orders, but this is compensated by the time of learning almost 43kk SP.

Total, all the same 38b.

If no one will offer a suitable amount, I really will break all SP into extractors. The deadline for a possible sale is next Sunday, September 10, 2017 23.59 PM


:sunglasses: :money_mouth_face:

ty for offer, but i lookng for a best bidoffer

daily bump

The topiс is closed. The character will be disassembled into extractors.

See In-game mail.

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